My Story

I am a filmmaker, musician and author. I was born in Ankara, grew up in Sydney and have lived in Germany with one break since 1980.

Nedim Hazar - Büyükada / Istanbul, 2013

I started my career as an actor in Recklinghausen, later I played in a Turkish-German rock band and hosted music shows on the radio. Since the mid-90s, I dedicated myself to filmmaking and screenwriting.

In 2003 I moved to Istanbul, where I worked for Turkish television for ten years and shot dozens of prime time documentaries that received extensive media coverage, high ratings and awards. After being fired from the TV channel in 2013 for political reasons, I produced two long documentaries myself. The first one was screened at the cinema in Istanbul and festivals in New York, South Africa and Germany, and received an award. The second ran in 12 German cinemas - but not in Turkey.

Since 2018, I have been living and working in Germany again.

German-Turkish filmmaker, musician and author Nedim Hazar writes about his life, which includes stations in Ankara, Sydney, Istanbul, Cologne and Königswinter.

The photographers and editors of Nedim Hazar’s website and the film team of most of his films.

Press articles and interviews with and about Nedim Hazar and his work, published in Germany and Turkey in recent years.

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