Turkish Telekom Advertorial

Advertorial / 2010 / 24 Min.

Photo: Standbild aus dem Film

“Stories Worthy of Turkey” is the original title of this advertorial for Turkish Telekom, which was produced as part of its social awareness campaign for young people in Turkey.

The Turkish Telekom supports numerous schools, sport and hobby clubs for young people throughout Turkey, even in utmost far regions. This advertorial with a documentary approach reflects the stories of seven individuals and groups in various parts of the country. Some of these young people come from underprivileged backgrounds. A youngster who has just begun studying medicine has to help his family out on holidays as a shepherd. A group of young women do judo and bring back national and international medals home, where people don’t know what the word means.

Renowned guitarist Erkan Oğur, classical kemenche player Derya Türkan and Nedim Hazar recorded the soundtrack of this film which was broadcast primetime simultaneously in three national networks in Turkey.

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Written and
Directed By

Nedim Hazar

Director of Photography

Gökhan Özgümüş




Erkan Oğur,
Derya Türkan
Nedim Hazar


NTV, CNN-Türk etc.


Photos: Gülşin Ketenci

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