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Music always played a significant role in Hazar’s life and work. He was a full-time musician for years on end, travelling with his band Yarinistan between London and Alma Ata. The influence of music is also evident in all his films.

On this page, you will find brief information and links about his music projects, including his current band “Die Mampen“.

Election rally of the pro-Kurdish HDP.
Izmir, June 2015. Photo: Ulrike Dufner

Die Mampen

Nedim Hazar is a member of “Die Mampen”, a new music and cabaret formation in the Rheinland. Their current programme “Songs and Stories in Transit”, pursues the stories behind hits from various parts the world.
Nedim Hazar’s son German rapper Eko Fresh was a guest in one of the band’s clips.

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In the 1980s Nedim Hazar played in the band Yarinistan. Yarinistan released four albums and was twice worthy of the German Record Critics’ Award. Their songs reached the charts in Canada, England and the German SWR-Lists. They played over 200 concerts throughout Germany, including former East Germany.

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Music Clips

Music clips shot and produced by Nedim Hazar. Clips from Yarinistan, Die Mampen, Savaş Zurnacı, Taksim Trio, Mercan Dede, Sabahat Akkiraz and Burhan Öçal & Trakya All-Stars.

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Tango und Accordion
in Turkey

By all means!

There are about forty tango songs in Turkish, and the dance is prevalent in Turkey. The reason for this lies in the Western-oriented reforms after the founding of the Turkish Republic in the early 1920s.

In cooperation with EU cultural organisations and local institutions, Nedim Hazar organised accordion and tango festivals in Istanbul and Anatolia between 2004 - 2006.

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