The Welthungerhilfe Videos

SHORT FILMS / 2015 - 2016

Between 2015-2016, Nedim Hazar and a small crew shot a total of eight information films for the Welthungerhilfe. They reflect the work of the German aid organisation along the border of Syria and Turkey and in the Kurdish part of Iraq. The last film is about the work of Caritas Luxembourg in Syria itself and was screened as a pre-film ad in cinemas in Luxembourg in 2017.


Life Goes On

2015 / 5 Min.

A rap in Arabic, Kurdish and English, shot in Mardin in Turkey on the border with the Kurdish areas of Syria.

Uncle Djano

2015 / 9 Min.

Djano, who is now in Germany, is an older member of the Christian minority in Syria.

Welthungerhilfe in Kiziltepe/Mardin

2015 / 5 Min.

This is about distribution and registration problems due to the massive influx of refugees in Mardin.


2015 / 4 Min.

In the Turkish border town of Kilis, there are now more refugees from Syria than natives.

The Mardin School

2015 / 5 Min.

The Welthungerhilfe tries to improve devastating conditions in a school for refugee children in Mardin.

Ahmet, His Donkey Poyraz and the Welthungerhilfe

2015 / 5 Min.

Use of donkeys in the distribution of firewood and coal in the mountainous town of Mardin.


2016 / 5 Min.

A Yezidi woman sold as a slave by the IS, who later managed to free herself, talks about her traumatic experiences in Mamraschan, a refugee camp in northern Iraq.

Refugees in their own country

2016 / 5 Min.

Residents of Mosul, who had to flee the IS atrocities to Zakho in northern Iraq, talk about their lives as refugees in their own country.


2016 / 3 Min.

This short film documents the work of the relief organisation Caritas Luxembourg in Sarmada, a camp for "displaced persons" in northwest Syria.

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