Music Clips

Directed and Produced 
By Nedim Hazar

Clips from Yarinistan, Die Mampen, Taner Güngör, Vassiliki Papageordiou, Savaş Zurnacı, Taksim Trio, Mercan Dede, Sabahat Akkiraz and Burhan Öçal & Trakya All-Stars..

From the clip „Ab-ı Çeşme“ with Mercan Dede and Sabahat Akkiraz


The Mayor and the Cats

Trommelfell Records - Germany, 2016

Savaş Zurnacı and Friends

Feast in the Neighbourhodd

Ütopya Müzik - Turkey, 2008

Burhan Öçal & Trakya All-Stars


Double Moon Records - Turkey, 2003

Mercan Dede & Sabahat Akkiraz

Ab-ı Çeşm

Double Moon Records - Turkey, 2004

Taner Güngör

The Time is Gone

A.K. Müzik  - Turkey, 2014

Die Mampen

Daddy Lolo

Nedim Hazar Film & Musik - Germany, 2019

Vassiliki Papageordiou


A.K. Müzik - Turkey, 2014

Yarinistan, Vassiliki Papageordiou and Friends

Our Islands

A.K. Müzik - Turkey, 2014

Cem Mansur & The Youth Orchestra

Our Islands

A.K. Müzik - Turkey, 2014

Taksim Trio

My Eye

Double Moon Records - Turkey, 2008

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